Meet some of the Re-enactors (Settlers)

 of this group:

Sloan - Outlaw Cowboy/Train Robber  (Founder) 

We shall miss our friend Sloan who passed away in March of 2021

after a long battle with cancer.. We know he is with Heavenly Father doing

what he liked best being a COWBOY!.
Emily Rose - Historian
Cook E Baker - Camp (range) 
 Cook & JD's Firearms Safety Asst.(Founder)
(sweet)  Annie - Cook E's gal & Camp Hostess (Founder)

Calamity Jane - American Frontiers woman

Mr. Bailey - The Traveling Marshal (Founder)

Doc Holiday - Gambler & Gun fighter

Faith Harrison -  Bailey's Medical companion & Camp Medic (Founder)

Cheyanne - Faith & Mr. Bailey's little gal

Hannah Rose -  Quilter & Hat designer (Founder)

Ma - Hillbilly Sharp shooter
Just Dave (JD) - Camp Firearms Safety Marshal 

Ellie Mae - Hannah Rose & JD's lil' gal

Shotgun - The Honest Deputy (Founder)
Christa - Shotgun's elegant wife

Lorelle - Pioneer Prairie Gal (Founder)

Rachel Baylie - Minister 
Marshal Baylie - Town Marshal

Maverick Baylie - Cowpoke (Train Expert)

Janie Baylie - Horse whisperer
Reena - The Young'uns' "Ma"
Buckshot - Cowpoke & Cook E's Asst. cook

Natalie - Sister Annie's Camp helper
Bitty -  Reena's little gal
(A young'un)

Durango - Cowpoke  (a friend visiting Shotgun,Sister Annie & the whole camp)

Minnesota Ole West Living History