Minnesota Old West Living History

Our fee to attend an event

If you are wondering what our fees may be to come to your event.  We can work with your financial short falls/even barter, but our standard fee is $350 a day.   If you hire us for 3 to 4 days                       & agree to have a tent town set up, we lower that a little to accommodate the extra expense it costs for our needs to be there.  We will require firewood, easy source of water, and a "Biffy" of some sort near by.

We are a 501c3 non-profit group.  # 81-3287308

Minnesota Ole West Living History

MN OWLH other  forms


  NAME ______________________                                          ALIAS ______________________

(Under age 15)CHILD / CHILDREN NAME(s)_______________________________________________


(Under age 15) ALIAS _________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS_______________________________CITY____________________STATE________________ ZIP_______________

HOME PHONE ___________ CELL PHONE ___________E-MAIL_________________

SPECIAL INTERESTS__________________________________

SINGLE _____                                      FAMILY _____

The Minnesota Old West Living History is a group of old west performers striving to keep the traditions of the era of 1800's alive.
The Re-enactor fee per year is $15.00 per person age 15 - 75.
Also, covers up to 4 children under age 15. (payment of another re-enactor fee $15 covers any more children under age 15.)

Re-enactor must be legal guardian or parent for children to become re-enactors.
The re-enactor fee entitles you to re-enactors liability insurance, to participate and have fun in all of MNOWLH activities for one year.
You need to acquire an authentic costume, establish an alias, and develop a character persona. (All children listed must do so also.)
You must agree to abide by all guidelines and policies set forth by MNOWLH & our insurance provider.

Re-enactor renewals are November 15.

Signature _______________________                                          Date ______________

MNOWLH reserves the right to reject any and all applications. You can personally bring your application to a meeting of the MN OWSLH and have a current re-enactor recommend your application. MNOWLH meets when we can each month - Our Website announced location. Visit our website www.mnows.com or contact us thru cookesannie@yahoo.com

Below:  For MNOWLH Use Only

Date Received__________________
Re-enactor & insurance fee Amount_____________


Minnesota Old West show
DBA: Minnesota Old West Living History

By-laws as of 8/29/2017
Subject to change until complete
Must be complete by Dec 31st, 2017

Re-en actor details:
Re-en actors pay re-enactment dues yearly. From Jan. 1st - Dec. 31st.
All dues must be paid in Nov. for the new year

before Jan 1st to vote at the Jan. meeting.
Should a re-en actor join later or pay later – the first month after

joining & paying voting rights are suspended. All re-en actors dues paid with in the current year still expire Dec. 31 of that current year

(unless specified for new year fees).
Due to insurance coverage re-en actors & Supporting re-en actors

must pay dues to cover the costs.
The only Re-en actors that have lifetime rights are the Founders.
This group will NOT have an Executive Board. All decisions are made as a whole by the founders & active paid re-en actors. If there is not 5 founders/re-actors present at a meeting – the meeting does not have a quorum for voting & must wait for the next monthly meeting when it does. Dues are not refundable for any reason.

We are a non-profit, so dues then become donations.

Re-en actor types:

Founders – Founders are the re-en actors that founded the group. They

have all voting rights and decision making rights of this group for their lifetime.

Their dues have been paid in advance for their lifetime.  No proxy allowed.

Founders can not be voted out of group.  Founders are covered by the insurance.
Active Re-en actors – They have voting rights for the year they are

paid re-en actors of MNOWS/MNOWLH. The voting rights & re-enactment

rights are suspended until they have paid up current dues.

Current paid Re-en actors are covered by the insurance
Supporting Re-en actors - These are current paid re-en actors that are members or were of another Old West club/group or Rendezvous also. They do not have voting rights at any time in MNOWS/MNOWLH. Re-enactment rights are suspended,

until they have paid up current dues.
(This includes any & all OWS of MN, Regulators & COWS members joining the MNOWS/MNOWLH. At NO time will an exception be made)
Current paid Supporting Re-en actors are covered by the insurance
Family of Founders – Family members of the founders are welcome to Re-enact with MNOWS/MNOWLH. They are covered by the insurance. They do not have voting rights, unless they pay to be an Active Re-en actor. Should said family be a member(s) of another Old West club or Rendezvous –

paying dues then makes them Supporting Re-en actors.
Sponsors or Donators - Only get the title of Sponsors/donators.
They do not get a title of re-actor at any time.
They do not get the rights to vote or have insurance coverage.

Financial :
Banking & spending money
- It requires 2 signatures from the founders or authorized active re-en actor to use any of the funds in the banking accounts.

One signature must be Emily's and/or one of Sister Annie .

Should either of these founders die or no longer can sign their signature.

The signature rights pass on to whomever the voting members

at a meeting choose. And so forth.
Expenditures – A re-en actor must purchase the approved items with their own funds and submit a receipt for re-reimbursement. This group will re-reimburse a re-en actor for purchases authorized by all re-en actor at a regular meeting by majority vote. No monies will be released without a receipt to prove purchases made by that re-en actor. No exception to this rule. Should this rule be broken the people involved in the wrong doing are automatically released from the group and can never be re-introduced for joining again. Their re-en actor dues are not refunded.
Insurance – Paying the insurance is the only expenditure that can

be paid without 2 signatures.
Being paid separate from group - No individual will be paid separately for their re-enacting/re-acting equipment/tents belongings/etc. in regards to the actual re-acting at the event. BUT...Re-enactors may sell their wares at events and receive money for their products – ie. Clothing, ironworks/ woodwork, blankets/Quilts,

candles, soap, auctioneering & etc.
Event fee - The fee for attending an event for the MNOWS/MNOWLH is

$350 per day or less. Bartering is acceptable.

Events that are for non-profits can be free if the group votes for this.

Events like the first Round up of the year (in May/June) is to be a FREE event.
Banquet - Should the MNOWS/MNOWLH vote to have a banquet, all founders & re-en actors must pay to attend. This must be paid at the door of the banquet coming in or in advance – no one attends without paying first.
MNOWS/MNOWLH Web site : The website is with Go-Daddy and can not be changed without a majority vote at a meeting, only
iMNOWS/MNOWLH is paying for the fees to have one.  If someone else is paying the fee, the group does not have any rights to the site & it's contents.