Minnesota Ole West Living History

OWLH Calendar of  Events

‚Äč2021 Events 

August 5 thru 8 - Lake County Fair, Two Harbors MN.

Rendezvous & Old West Camp (Living History) at the fair

August  28 thru 29  Edna G  125 years Two Harbors, MN

Below the train depot by Lake Superior.  Rendezvous & Old

West (Living History)

2017 Events:
Sept. 9th, 2017  (Sat.) Lake County F S Fundraiser
Two Harbors, MN
This event is to help the Food Shelf raise funds for helping people with more than food.   Ken Buehler ("Lake Superior"  North Shore Scenic Railroad spokesperson) recommended us for this event -
Thanks, Mr. Buehler!!!  :0)  What fun we had!!  we greeted the train passengers as they got off the train and waved goodbye when they left.  Lots of pictures were taken of us & passengers with us in them.  We had one shoot out at the festival and robbed the train as it pulled out of the station.  We want to do this again-Yippy  KiYay!

Sept. 15-17, 2017 - Wapiti Buckskinners Rendezvous Nowthen, MN
What a great time!  We met lots of new friends (like Adam, Jamie, Rachael, Luke & more)  & some friends we met in the past (like Ron, Kathy, Vicki, John, Midge, Becky, Linda,  etc.)  Just too many friends to name them all here!  It was great to see everyone again.  Cook E even won in the shooting competitions.  The tea went well, lots of goodies and wonderful tasting teas to try (Thanks to Vicki for the teas).  JD, Shotgun & Sloan helped Cook E run the shooting events. Hannah Rose, Emily Rose & Natalie helped Sister Annie with the tea.  Natalie baked bread with Cook E.  Emily Rose & Sloan gave out candy and even had checkers for the school kids to play!  Natalie loved the Candy cannon, she found candy after it was shot off to eat. Hannah Rose & JD made a really tasty cabbage hot dish for Sat. potluck  & Emily Rose made a wonderful chili for Friday's dinner & Sat. potluck.. Cook E made his famous baked beans & a pork roast for the Sat. Potluck. And Shotgun & Christa supplied cookies & cheese/crackers.    It was so much fun, we almost did not want to go home!                                                  Oct. 28, 2017 - End of the year Celebration     ( A little like a banquet)
 Cowboy Jack's Woodbury, MN
We all met at Cowboy Jack's for dinner, entertainment & friendship.  We dressed in our cowboy ware. Sister Annie & Emily Rose had some great prizes out for drawings.  Thank you, Cowboy Jack's!( for the use of the banquet room)   The food was good & so were the drinks : 0)                     Our server was a hoot and we dressed him in an old west vest most of the night - so he looked like he was one us.  And he was that night!  :P     "We also had our Oct. meeting there."   

2016 Events
May 2016    Spring Roundup
Memorial Day Weekend
Fun was had by all - Thanks for coming!

July 7-10, 2016    Heritage Days
Two Harbors, MN   www.thheritagedays.com
Boy Howdy!  Did we have fun.  We robbed the train twice, gave tent tours & shared history knowledge about Minnesota & the 1800's era.  We had a demo of how soap is made, gave out candy to you, if you could guess when it was invented. (everyone got candy - it was all invented in the 1800's!!)  And sooo much more!
August 17-21, 2016   Lake County Fair
Two Harbors, MN  www.thelakecountyfair.com

This had to be one of the best times ever!
We had a nice looking tent town, 6 tents & one was a Tipi !  There was tent tours, Emily Rose had her candy & knowledge quizzes.  We gave out Wells Fargo badges to the little cow pokes that came into camp. There was bread samples to try-baked by Cook E. Everyone met "Rusty" our Long Horn steer & Camp mascot.  Shotgun even auctioned off pies for the Fair's pie contest.  We helped with fair judging in their activities.  The camp Tipi had a local family sleep in it during the fair & they ate meals with us when they could, so they got to  experience the life style of our 1800's era.  (We packed so much fun in our visit - we all needed a week to recuperate.)  HeeHaw !  What a GREAT time!!!
Sept. 16-18, 2016   Wapiti Buckskinners Rendezvous  
Nowthen, MN  www.wapitibuckskinners.com
So much to do!  The men helped with the shooting events, the ladies conducted the Ladies tea (made orange scones to serve with 3 different teas to taste plus had cupcakes & cookies too!). We all educated the children, parents & teachers on school day Friday, visited/educated with the flatlanders about fur trader/pioneer living.  Cook E, Buckshot, S. Annie & Natalie made bread (with samples), beans & chicken on the open spit as demonstrations & our dinner. (shared recipes & more)  JD & Shotgun shared stories. Emily, Hannah & Sloan quizzed people on when candy was made & gave samples.  We, ladies, made container candles for all to see.  And much more...what a way to finish the season!    : 0 )

2019 Events &  Meeting Dates:

May 2019 -  MN St Croix State Park - Logging in the 1800-1900's. Let's make candles, Dutch oven food and maybe soap.  Memorial weekend

(Thank you, MN State Park)

June 2019 - Cattle Drive (Cancelled) Cook E, Sloan, Emily Rose & S. Annie took care of moving & housing the cattle in  early Spring.

July 11 - 14, 2019  Heritage Days Two Harbors , MN below the Depot (Thank you, MN DNR) Meeting on Sat.

(period correct camping, etc. for fun)

August 8 - 11 , 2019 - Lake County Fair (NO meeting, NO re-enacting/camp)  just come for FUN as modern person )

August  15 - 18, 2019 Carlton Co. Fair  Barnum, MN   Meeting on Sat. Re-enacting/camp 1800's old west   Come visit us!! 

Sept. 20-22,  2019 Wapiti Buck Skinners Rendezvous (just for fun period correct camping)

Oct. - end of year hoedown - undetermined

Nov. 2019 thru April 2020 - No events or meetings

2019 Events:

MN St Croix State Park - What FUN!!!

Sat. -We made so many candles with the help of the public we ran out of supplies!!  Was there ever a lot of participants in this actviity! We tried to make sure each went home with at least 1 candle.  We scheduled the soap making for Sunday with samples to take home - this was well attended too.

We made so much bread each day and it was eaten up quickly! Cook E baked 4 varieties of bread.

Gosh! We hope to get asked back again - we made many new friends & even 1 couple that wants to join our group.  Thank you to all who came to celebrate Memorial weekend with us.

2018 Events:

May 2018 (Memorial Day weekend) -

Spring Roundup

A few went fishing, the Ladys shopping, the Fellas target practiced.  But all present had fun. Darn good grub too! Beautiful weather with a touch of rain.

June 2018 - Cattle drive

Everyone that came worked hard and tended the stock.  The drive was successful...The stock was fed and housed in the new pasture area just before the hard rains set in.  The cookout was enjoyed.  Gosh! That Baylie bunch is hard working!!!

July 6 - 8, 2018 - Hertiage Days Two Harbors, MN

We just visited - no camp site at Depot.

July 18 - 22, 2018 Isanti County Fair 

Cambridge, MN

Our cattle company had been there with a large herd - due to the fair coming they moved on. We few stayed to pick up the missed strays & then moved Sunday on to meet them.  But while we were there - we had a great time!  Bread baking with samples, candy quizzes - much more!    But no shoot outs or robberies - we were told we couldn't shoot guns if there are horses near by (that weren't ours).... and naturally, every day there were horses in the area. 

Cook E made our first meal of the week a Sausage, Potato and Cabbage boil.

Hannah brought a Ham & made Potato salad for dinner one night, everyone added to that - Sister Annie made Rhubarb cake with cinnamon sugar crunch on top to end the meal.  Emily Rose brought chicken for one dinner - Cook E put it over the open fire on a spit for 6 hours, Cook E made baked beans & roasted veggies.  Emily Rose made a Chocolate/orange cake to end that meal.  Lorelle brought some extremely juicy , yummy peaches and snacks to share with us all. S. Annie made wilted lettuce salad for a lunch (Shotgun's favorite!) - Emily R. added cucumber sandwiches to that.  Our last breakfast there was scrambled eggs, French toast and Beef Steak.  Thanks to all that came to visit.

Sept. 2018 - Train Depot stop Two Harbors, MN

Sept.  14- 16, 2018 -  Wapiti Buckskinners Rendezvous  Nowthen, MN

2017 Events:
May 25-29, 2017 - Spring Roundup
Isanti County Fairgrounds Cambridge, MN
What a great RELAXING time.  We met  new people and some we already knew.  Camped even though it rained some.  We went fishing in their pond.  (and caught fish!)  Watched many different kinds of birds around the pond. From Geese with goslings to Osphrey  We camped very close to the pond - so we had a beautiful morning to night view.
June , 2017 - Cattle Drive
Cancelled - group too busy.  But Cooke & Annie did take JD & Hannah Rose fishing!!! (Hannah Rose's Birthday request.)
July 6-9, 2017 -  Heritage Days Two Harbors,
What fun!! We robbed the train, of course!  We had tent tours & shared history knowledge about Minnesota & the 1800's era.  We had bread baking demos with samples to try, gave out candy to anyone who knew the right answer. gave candles we made and samples of soap that we made.  And lots more!
July 19-23, 2017 - Isanti County FairCambridge, MN
Howdy Isanti fair!!  What a great week. We camped by the pond again.  We had food demos & samples...we mixed it up & made different flavors of bread & biscuits  this time. Emily quizzed people on soda pop and candy.  Both Emily & Annie had their tents open for tent tours.  Shotgun provided music & stories. JD helped with history telling.  Hannah Rose had a Ladies sewing get-together at her place.  Both Faith & Hannah made some yummy meals (JD & Mr. Bailey helped) - Deep fried bread tacos and more.  Cooke & Sloan kept the fires going & made a good variety of food for us to eat all week. Lorelle was in our shootouts, trying to save the day :0)  The Trolley got robbed by outlaws! And we got asked to come back next year - Boy, Howdy! - We can hardy wait!!
August 17-20, 2017  Lake County Fair Two Harbors  Shotgun was the Fair's Auctioneer for both pies and chickens.  The public loved him!  We had a tent available for traveling Settlers needing a place to set down their heads for the night, but no one took us up on the offer this year.  We had a fish, bean & corn dinner for anyone stopping by Sat.  night.  Cook E not only caught all the fish with his family/friends on various fishing trips - but he cooked it!  We had cake that Christa made and pies from the auction for dessert.  yummy!  We did everything we did last year at the fair and more!!  Hee Haw, what a great time!! ;0)