Classic Scenario Action

Minnesota Ole West Living History

Here are a few samples of what we can do:

 Wells Fargo Robbery: Set up to fit in our tent town area of your event or an action set for a one day event.  The Sheriff, his deputies & Outlaws in a gunfight around towns people.
Or a train is coming with a Wells Fargo shipment.  OH, NO!  The train gets robbed!!

 The gunfight at the Corral:
Cowboys and lawmen have a noisy argument near the corral.
The outlaws and the Law end up in a gunfight near the towns people.

 Drunk Cowboys: Cowboys in the saloon after a long, hot, dusty cattle drive;                                                 drunk & pestering the town ladies.  The Law comes up to ask them to settle down.  The cowboys laugh & stumble away.  What happens next you ask?  Wait and see!

 The Wedding:  Some bad cowboys come into town for one kill the Law in town!                  And a shoot out commences during the middle of a wedding that's being held.                                             Everyone is present- towns folk and the Law!  But do they?

 Escapes from Jail:
Outlaws sneaking out of jail; the local Law catching them & shooting it out.
(Some of the outlaws could be members of your event as guest actors-"dressed to impress as they say")

Serenade to Sweet Annie  by Cook E Baker ("Sweet Annie" music by the Zac Brown Band)